International recruitment of specialists

The demographic change and the associated decline in birth rates as well as the steadily growing economy in Germany have led to a steadily growing shortage of skilled workers.

The aging of society and the resulting increase in demand have led especially in the healthcare sector to a shortage of nurses, doctors and other medical professionals.In order to further secure our medical and nursing care, we will in the future rely on the support of nurses from European as well as non-European countries.

Industry and crafts are increasingly in need of more skilled workers in order to remain competitive and secure Germany as a business location.

In the case of filling vacancies requiring a particularly high level of qualification and / or for which specific know-how is needed, companies are quickly reaching their limits due to the existing skilled labor shortages. In order to remain competitive on an international level, companies are dependent on highly qualified employees.

Fortunately, for a number of years, the labor market has opened up for targeted, qualified immigration from abroad. By creating the framework conditions necessary for this, such as access to the labor market and the recognition of foreign educational qualifications the Germany is becoming increasingly attractive for many well-trained specialists from all over the world.

Many young and well-educated people from abroad see their professional future in Germany and are willing to invest in this future.

Use this potential. We support you to build a bridge to Germany for these young, well-qualified people. We offer you a wide range of services so that you can secure your specialist needs in the long term.


As a specialist in the field of international recruitment consultancy and placement, a focus is placed on the placement of nurses for hospitals, care facilities and other medical institutions. The nurses mediated by us come from other EU countries but also from third countries such as the Philippines.
In the context of our training initiative - International there is the possibility that interested and motivated young people to complete a nursing education in Germany.

Industry and crafts and gastronomy

Many well-trained young engineers, IT professionals, metal workers and young people in the electrical and metal professions and gastronomy are looking for a way to change their career.
Here, too, there is the possibility within the framework of the Ausbildungsinitaitve - International to recruit young qualified and motivated trainees for an apprenticeship in their own company.

What we do

We will find the right applicant for you according to your requirements, check their professional qualifications. If necessary we examine the documents especially concerning the recognition of the professional qualification.
We organize the language preparation and possibly professional training.
We accompany the applicant in obtaining the visa and assist in the recognition of their professional qualifications and in obtaining the necessary work and residence permit.
We also take care of their integration in the destination country and we stay in constant contact with applicants and employers.

Portrait Of A Confident Mature Female Asian Doctor Looking At Camera Isolated On Blue Background with copy spacePortrait Of A Confident Mature Female Asian Doctor Looking At Camera Isolated On Blue Background with copy space

Two Asian industrial engineer's at workTwo Asian industrial engineer's at work

Our services at a glance

We offer our clients a integrated and comprehensive personnel service. In our applicants' pool, we only accept candidates who have successfully completed the interviews and meet the necessary prerequisites regarding the professional training and work experience. This ensures that a quick commencement of work or a rapid recognition of the professional qualification can be obtained. If you want we can take care for you of:
• Recruitment of suitable candidates based on their job profile
• Examination of the professional suitability on the basis of the documents submitted with regard to the recognition of the professional qualification (where necessary)
• Interviews with our employees, sometimes directly in the country of origin
• Proposals of suitable candidates
• Active preparation phase after binding acceptance by the employer (organization of language courses, preparation of recognition, compilation of required documents, translation of documents, work permit, departure)
• Regular contact, support and assistance of applicants.